Student Store FAQ's

The primary Tolt PTSA fundraiser has been by selling snacks through the PTSA ran Student Store. The store is open during lunch giving our students a few more options with their lunch. To volunteer, please contact Carmen Love at

All volunteers must be current Tolt PTSA member and have completed the online volunteer forms including uploading a current vaccination card or an approved exemption from HR. (this is good for two years) FORM HERE.

Enroll in the Tolt PTSA at The online paperwork must be complete before you may volunteer.

If you have never volunteered at the TMS Student Store, we will provide training. It is fun and easy! We are looking for volunteers willing to work at least 1x per month, and a typical shift starts at 10:30 am and finishes by 12:45 pm.


TMS Student Store Q & A’s

Can I track what my kids purchase?

No, we do not track what the students purchase nor can we report to parents. Please communicate with your students on any family limitations you’d like to provide on student store purchases.

Can I purchase a punch card online?

Yes, this is the preferred way to purchase them. Purchase punch cards here:

How many punch cards can I purchase for my student?

You can purchase up to four cards ($20) for each of your students.

How do I know when the punch card is low on funds?

We communicate with the students about how much they have left on their cards after each purchase.

Do you accept checks?

Not at this time

What are the price ranges?

Snacks approximately .25-1.25

School Supplies approximately .25-$2.00

My child has food allergies, do you have items available for students with allergies?

We have many options available in the store that are accessible to everyone.

How do I find out if my 8th grader has a balance left over from 6th grade?

Contact the student store manager, Carmen Love, at

Is there a maximum number of items a student can purchase in a day?

The Tolt PTSA does not regulate student purchases, however, they can only spend what they have available in cash or on their punch card.

What does the Student Store fund?

The student store is run by the Tolt Middle School PTSA, all profits go to the Tolt budget to fund things like teacher grants and other items for the school or student body.

When is the store open?

The store is only open during the 2 lunch times.