Tolt Middle School Legislative Chair Update

Jan. 2023 Update

At the end of October I attended the 2022 Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly. This year was a hybrid attendance with in person as well as virtual attendees. They quickly addressed technical issues that arose and overall I believe it was a successful and fair assembly that maximized attendance from all regions of Washington State. One downside to hybrid offerings is the increase in price to attend, as they needed to secure meeting space as well as maintain membership with WHOVA, the app utilized for online attendance. They were able to use WHOVA for all voting needs however, so it’s use was maximized and efficient.


The 2023 legislative session in Olympia began on January 9th, 2023 and will run for 105 days. It is described as a “long session” in which legislators will have until April 23 to take care of business. What I heard from a legislative analyst at another meeting I attended last night was that now with legislators back in person this year the energy in the room was palpable and overall very positive. One remnant from the pandemic remains (and it’s a good one!)- the ability to provide remote testimony, so you do not have to travel to Olympia to participate. I am personally thrilled about this as I believe it will result in larger and more diverse representation during testimony.


Below is a link to the 2023-2024 WSPTA Legislative Platform:


Below are the results of the ranking survey questions I asked Tolt Middle School PTSA members before I attended the legislative assembly. We had several ties, but all the issues voted in the WSPTA 23-24 top five platform were also identified by Tolt PTSA members as top ranked issues! The WSPTA supports all legislative issues adopted at the legislative assembly, but the top 5 issues receive a bit more focus.



Looking Ahead


  • In Spring of 2023, the WSPTA will announce the submission process and the window for submitting a proposal for consideration of new legislative issues. Stay tuned.
  • Subscribe to WSPTA’s Action Network Group! During the WA State Legislative Sessions, WSPTA sends action alerts and informational broadcasts to members who subscribe. After you subscribe you’ll receive quick, easy ways to communicate with legislators on topics they’re actively working on:


2022 WSPTA Legislative Assembly Vote Notes

Below is a summary of issues and votes along with some amendments. If you want to read more about the issues, please see the Voter Guide:


Quorum: 126 people; 8 regions represented


Issue 8- Addressing the Student Mental Health Crisis

  • 127 yes, 1 no - passed

Issue 1- Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change

  • 113 yes, 15 no - passed

Issue 2- Increasing Education Equity by Closing the Digital Divide

  • 123 yes, 4 no - passed

Issue 3- Increasing Support for Equitable Family Engagement

  • 121 yes, 7 no - passed

Issue 4- Preventing and Reducing Gun Violence and Suicide

  • 126 yes, 2 no - passed

Issue 5- Improving Equitable Identification and Access for Highly Capable Students

  • 118 yes, 8 no - passed

Issue 6- Supporting a Meaningful High School Diploma

  • 111 yes, 8 no - passed

Issue 7- Harnessing the Benefits of Mastery-based Learning

  • Amendment to add “all” students: 106 yes, 18 no - passed
  • Amendment to add “create a position on”: 91 yes, 21 no - passed
  • Move to postpone until last issue: 90 yes, 40 no - passed

Issue 9- Building and Maintaining Safer School Facilities

  • 124 yes, 4 no - passed

Issue 10- Expanding School Construction Funding Options

  • 128 yes, 4 no - passed

Issue 11- Addressing Critical Gaps in Education Funding

  • 127 yes, 2 no - passed

Issue 12- Addressing Funding, Inclusion, and Supports in Special Education

  • Secondary amendment to add “collaboration”: 31 yes, 75 no - failed
  • Amendment to change to “students with disabilities”: 107 yes, 9 no - passed
  • Amendment to strike “students with disabilities”: 71 yes, 40 no - passed
  • Amendment to add “assessing needs for and”: 98 yes, 14 no - passed
  • Amendment adding “promoting high leverage teaching practices”: 60 yes, 50 no - passed
  • Amendments adding “banning student isolation in schools”: 86 yes, 33 no - passed
  • Amendment adding “building residential schools and facilities for the severely disabled in the State of Washington”: 49 yes, 66 no - failed
  • Issue 12 as amended: 120 yes, 8 no – passed

Issue 13- Creating a Diverse and Effective Educator Workforce

  • Amendment add “preparing all educators for supporting students with disabilities as part of their preservice” 66 yes, 56 no – passed
  • Issue 13 as amended: 101 yes, 12 no - passed

Issue 7- Harnessing the Benefits of Mastery-based Learning -continued

  • 109 yes, 23 no - passed

Proposed New Resolution #1- Equitable and Impactful Family Engagement in Education

  • 111 yes, 2 no - passed

Proposed Amendment of Existing Resolution #2- 2.23 Gun Violence Prevention and Safety-Students and School Staff

  • 118 yes, 0 no - passed

Proposed Amendment of Existing Resolution #3- 18.36 Equitable Access to Highly Capable Services

  • 105 yes, 7 no - passed

Proposed Amendment of Existing Resolution #4- 18.40 Equitable Access and Improved Outcomes for Students with Disabilities

  • 111 yes, 2 no - passed


Next I’ll be sending a follow up survey to scout for new legislative issue ideas from our members in preparation for the Spring Submission Process with WSPTA.


Thank you!

Amy McHenry

Advocacy Chair

Tolt Middle School PTSA

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