Tolt Bear Way Awards (1)

PTA is a volunteer-driven organization. To provide all of the amazing programs and events a local PTA or council may provide for their community requires many dedicated volunteers. To encourage and recognize the outstanding work of volunteers, Washington State PTA (WSPTA) provides multiple individual recognition awards that local PTAs or councils may choose to award to deserving volunteers.

Golden Acorn Award

The Golden Acorn Award is presented by a local PTA to a school or community volunteer in recognition of her or his dedication and service to children and youth. Since the beginning of this program in the 1930s, more than 54,000 Golden Acorn Awards have been presented to volunteers throughout Washington state. The Golden Acorn is just for volunteers.

Honorary Life Membership Award

The Honorary Life Membership Award recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to the development, growth, and sustainability of a local PTA. It is awarded to someone who has shown extraordinary commitment to the PTA’s vision and mission.

Note: Honorary Life Membership Award recipients do not receive a free membership in the PTA that gives the award; recipients of this award need to continue to purchase their own PTA membership annually.

Outstanding Advocate Award

The Outstanding Advocate Award was established in 2004 to recognize an individual for his or her advocacy and commitment in helping to create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety and education of children and youth. This can be given to a volunteer or staff member.

In 2011, Washington State PTA created the Outstanding Student Advocate Award to recognize student PTA members who have made significant contributions through leadership and service in their school and community.

Outstanding Educator Award

The Outstanding Educator Award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions in their community to enhance the educational outcomes of all children or youth. An educator is not limited to a teacher and may be defined as a teacher, assistant, specialist, support staff, administrator or community member.

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