Congratulations to all of the Reflections entrants this year!
Every year our Tolt students have the possibility to express themselves through this competition.
This year’s theme was I Matter Because…. Students submit their completed works of art in one or as many categories they want.
Out of the categories; Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts we had 19 entries, 18 of them were Visual Arts 2D since they didn’t accept 3D art this year and one photography. Twelve of the entries advanced to the Riverview district competition this year.
All of the Tolt student entries received a certificate for their participation as well as a gift bag with socks and sweets!
Paxton Glenn, Ana Montes and Tatiana Ostrovskaia; our artists with the highest score also received a gift card for CC Espresso & Ice Creamery.
The district received 70 entries. 22 entries from the district will be moving on to State. All entries not moving forward will receive a Participation certificate/ribbon.
There are the FIVE entries from Tolt which will be sent to State all from the Visual Arts category:
Ana Montes; Silent Melody; Award of Excellence
Paxton Glenn, Eye Am the Future; Award of Merit
Tatiana Ostrovskaia, Donuts Space; Honorable Mention
Maximus Balsley; American Gladiator; Honorable Mention
Angel Triraphanh; What We’re Made Of; Honorable Mention

Find the entries here: