Adopt-A-Teacher 2020-2021

Adopt-a-Teacher or Staff member from Tolt Middle School this holiday season!

We all know that in our current world situation our Teachers and Students are going through some very challenging times!

Teaching under these new circumstances and health restrictions is not easy! In addition,  many of our teachers also have their own children learning this new way and needing help. Hopefully, they are finding a few minutes a day for themselves!

We want to spoil our teachers during the holidays!

Our goal is to adopt EVERY teacher and gift them with some goodies, while possibly supporting our local businesses as well.  This will help brighten their day and support the hard work that they do.

How YOU can help:

1.) Adopt a TEACHER by looking at the attached list, choosing a teacher and finding any of their favorites things that strike you to purchase for them.

2.) We are not tracking what teachers are being adopted, but hoping that in the end all teachers are supported.  If you don't have a specific teacher you'd like to support feel free to donate gift cards or other items that we can distribute.

3.) Drop off at the tub in front of Tolt Middle School (from 8am-6pm M-F-excluding holidays) or Kim Piira's House between now and December 14th.  Tolt will have a special tub out in front of the school to drop donations, just be sure to label with Adopted Teacher's name.  Message us for Kim's address.

Please contact Carmen Love at or Kim Piira at with questions.



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